Thank you for being a part of the Pinnacle 2021 experience. We appreciate your sponsorship. Below is a list of items for reference as you prepare for Pinnacle 2021 in Phoenix, August 9-13.


Pinnacle 2021 Sponsor Information Guide


Grand Canyon-Exhibit layout




Commonly Ask Questions: The following information can be found in the Sponsor Information Guide linked above.

  • How do I ship my insert for the attendee registration bag?
  • How do I ship items for my tabletop?
  • How do I order electrical and audio visual items for my tabletop?
  • When will I receive the attendee registration list?


Lead Capture Information:

**Lead Capture rental devices are no longer available (they have to be ordered 2 weeks in advance). However, it is still available only by “App Only License.” You can order through the exhibitor portal.


Using the Exhibitor Portal (Exhibitor Admins)

Adding Custom Questions in the LeadCapture Exhibitor Portal (Exhibitor Admins)

Assigning Event Registrations to your Onsite Staff in the Exhibitor Portal (Exhibitor Admins)

Scanning LeadCapture Leads (Onsite Staff)

Why aren’t my leads syncing? (Onsite Staff)