Josh McGaughey

Josh McGaughey has spent 19 years in EMS ranging from field Paramedic to Lieutenant, Battalion, Division, and Assistant Chief all for the St. Charles County Ambulance District. He oversees the Training Department, Emergency Division, IFT, Critical Care Transport, and Facilities. Josh has worked on numerous committees in his tenure including: Strategic Planning, Wellness, Uniforms, Hiring, Branding, and Steering.

Josh has also worked in the publishing industry as a Senior Health Profession’s Testing Manager for Elsevier. Josh is a subject matter expert in written assessment. He earned a Bachelors, Magna Cum Laude, in Corporate Communications and a Master’s in Leadership both from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Mo. Josh is a Certified Critical Care Paramedic, Certified Ambulance Coder, and EMS Instructor. He has been recognized many times over for innovation and leadership during his EMS tenure.

In 2021, Josh received the Jerry Love Award for Leadership as part of the Ambulance Service Manager Course. He was also accepted into the Priority Ambulance Leadership Foundation (PALF) program, where his team won the 2021 capstone project.