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Renew Your Perspective, Re-energize Your Purpose and Lead Inspired

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020 | 1 p.m. Central

As 2020 comes to an end, we are reminded of the impact we make as EMS leaders and how our leadership can spark inspiration in the lives of others.


To close out the year, join Dr. Jay Fitch and Dr. Anthony Minge for a special 90-minute webinar featuring John O’Leary’s Pinnacle 2018 Opening Keynote, On Fire! Sparks to Ignite your Life and Leadership. Hear from Jay and Anthony and relive this powerful presentation or experience it for the first time.

John’s Story:

John O’Leary lived through worse than most can imagine. At age 9, a fire exploded and burned 100% of his body. Given a one percent chance to live, he fought extraordinary odds. After spending five months in the hospital, undergoing dozens of surgeries, losing all of his fingers to amputation and having to relearn to walk, write and feed himself, he learned many valuable lessons.

The insights he gained through this experience and the heroes who stepped into his life to help him through the journey—his family, the caregivers and total strangers—changed his life. As he shares these life and leadership lessons, sparks will leap. Sparks that can renew your hope, purpose, and perspective. Sparks that remind you as a leader in emergency services that one person, one action or one word can indeed make a difference.

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The Pinnacle Webinar Series is produced in cooperation with Pinnacle Premier Media Partner EMS1.
Ninth Brain is Fitch & Associates’ Education Partner and Host of this webinar.

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