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Reimagining EMS & Non-Emergency Medical Transport After COVID-19

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 | 1 p.m. Central

Build Scalable Service Networks and Grow Your Business

It’s undeniable that the industry must evolve and focus on rethinking current business models. COVID-19 exposed the need to improve scalability, utilization, remote working capabilities, and so much more.

It’s time to build business models that can thrive in a new world of the gig economy, pandemics, and more. Learn how NEMT providers can reimagine outdated “turf war” models of business, and instead build healthy networks of providers across a wide range of services. Create a scalable business model by offering wide ranges of services: from wheelchair to Uber/Lyft, without increasing upfront equipment cost.

Hear from Todd Revolt, who specializes in creating healthy, synergistic partnerships in the service provider industry for VectorCare, as well as Tom Clowdus, the Vice President at Mission Ambulance and Advantage Ambulance. Clowdus has 26 years experience in executive Leadership in Public Relations, Corporate Operations and Marketing, and has been able to leverage provider networks to score larger local contracts and increase revenue.

Attend the webinar to learn about:

• The changing areas of NEMT after COVID-19
• The “turf” mentality of NEMT, and why it can be harmful.
• How to collaborate with local providers to increase revenue
• How to leverage cloud technology to build healthy and collaborative networks
• And more….

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