Pinnacle 2015
August 3 – 7, 2015



Pinnacle brings together a group of expert presenters to help you explore advanced business and operational practices, develop insight into the most important issues your organization faces, and understand emerging solutions to complex problems. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from and network with some of the nation’s top EMS leaders and innovators.

  • Mic Gunderson

  • Susan Balaban, PhD

  • Kris Geary

  • Greg Mears, MD

  • Michael McAdams

  • Sarah Wilson

  • Cathy Jaynes, PhD

  • Steve Wirth, JD

  • Doug Wolfberg, JD

  • Fitch & Associates staff and clients

  • Ed Racht, MD

  • Charles Lick, MD

  • Jonathan Washko, MBA

  • Chris Dillie

  • Guillermo Fuentes, MBA

  • Keith Griffiths

  • Chris Cebollero

  • Norman Seals

  • Kevin McGinnis

  • Kevin Smith

  • Scott Matin

  • Invited senior leaders from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

  • Invited senior leaders from Kaiser, Cigna, and United Healthcare

  • Nick Nudell, MS

  • Bob Bass, MD

  • Howard Putnam

  • Steve Cotter

  • Greg Mears, MD

  • Edward Eroe, FACHE

  • Kevin Fairlie, JD

  • Facilitated by the NEMSMA

  • Todd Sheridan

  • Steve Knight, PhD

  • Invited senior leaders from REMSA

  • Mark Postma

  • Tom Wagner

  • Paul Misasi

  • Bill Gerard, MD

  • Dan Swayze, DrPH

  • Bill Seifarth

    Bill Seifarth, branch chief for Medical First Responder Coordination with the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Gregg Margolis, PhD

    Gregg Margolis with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Readiness and Response, an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Noah Smith

    Noah Smith represents the federal Office of EMS.

  • Robert Farmer

    Robert Farmer is Director of the Lee County Department of Public Safety in Lee County, Southwest Florida, and  serves as President-Elect (2016) of the International Association of EMS Chiefs.

  • Sabina Braithwaite, MD, MPH

    Sabina Braithwaite is the EMS Medical Director for Wichita-Sedgwick County EMSS (Kansas).

  • AJ Heightman

    AJ Heightman, a former EMS executive, is editorial director for PennWell Public Safety, publisher of JEMS, Journal of Emergency Medical Services.

  • Carlynn Page

    Carlynn Page is associate director of the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch.

  • Sarah McEntee

    Sarah McEntee is executive director of CAAS.

  • Brian Fass

    Brian Fass is a former paramedic and is certified as an athletic trainer and strength coach. His program “Fit Responder” helps public safety agencies nationwide to implement injury prevention and wellness.

  • Glenn Kasprzyk

    Glenn Kasprzyk, is chief operating officer of Life Line Ambulance Service, in Prescott, Ariz.

  • Tom Little

    Tom Little is a senior associate with Fitch & Associates and the former owner of Medevac MidAmerica, Topeka, Kan.

  • Jeff Berend

    Jeff Berend is a partner at the RedFlash Group, a business development and communications consulting firm serving the healthcare and public safety markets.

  • Jeff Lucia

    Jeff Lucia is a partner at the RedFlash Group, a business development and communications consulting firm serving the healthcare and public safety markets.

  • Brent Myers, MD

    Brent Myers, MD, is director and medical director of the Wake County EMS System in Raleigh, N.C. He also serves as adjunct assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill. Myers is nationally recognized for his clinical leadership and innovative approach to the practice of out-of-hospital care.

  • Michael Touchstone

    Michael Touchstone is the Philadelphia Fire Department’s paramedic chief and is president-elect of the National EMS Management Association. Touchstone recently completed a master’s degree in Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School.

  • Don Lundy

    Don Lundy, director of EMS for Charleston, S.C., is president of the National Association of EMTs.

  • Andrew Rand

    Andrew Rand is CEO of Advanced Medical Transport, a multistate not-for-profit EMS system in the Midwest. He also serves as a county commissioner in Peoria, Ill.

  • Sharon Henry

    Sharon Henry is president of Evolution Health.

  • Bentley Bobrow, MD

    Bentley Bobrow, MD, FACEP, is medical director of the Bureau of EMS and Trauma Systems, Arizona Department of Health Services, and a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix campus.

  • Roxanne Shanks, MBA

    Roxanne Shanks, MBA, is CEO of LifeFlight Eagle, the nonprofit air medical organization serving the Kansas City, Mo. area.

  • Guillermo Fuentes, MBA

    Guillermo Fuentes, MBA, is a partner with Fitch & Associates. He previously served as the chief administrative officer for the Region of Niagara (Canada) police agency and as associate director of the regional EMS system.

  • Scott Somers

    Scott Somers is a councilmember representing District 6 in Mesa, Ariz., and serves on the National EMS Advisory Council, which provides expert advice on EMS to agencies of the federal government.

  • Bruce Moeller, PhD

    Bruce Moeller, PhD, is the executive director of public safety in Pinellas County (Fla.) and formerly served as the city manager as well as fire chief in Sunrise, Fla.

  • Eric Ossmann, MD

    Eric Ossmann, MD, is director of Prehospital and Disaster Medicine at Duke University Medical Center in Raleigh, N.C.

  • James Manson

    James Manson, assistant chief of operations for Denver Health Paramedics.

  • Peter Dworsky

    Peter Dworsky is corporate director of support services for MONOC, which provides EMS for a variety of communities in New Jersey.

  • Ryan Greenberg

    Ryan Greenberg is chief of EMS operations for Vanguard Healthcare Systems, serving northern New Jersey.

  • Brian LaCroix

    Brian LaCroix is CEO of Allina Health EMS, a Minnesota hospital-based EMS system serving more than 100 communities.

  • Gary Smith, MD

    Gary Smith, MD, is medical director for the Mesa (Arizona) Fire Department.

  • Doug Hooten

    Doug Hooten is CEO of public affairs at MedStar Mobile Healthcare in Forth Worth, Texas, an early adopter of the MIHP concept.

  • Jeffrey M. Goodloe, MD

    Jeffrey M. Goodloe, MD, is medical director, Medical Control Board, Emergency Medical Services System for Metropolitan Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Okla.

  • Eric Beck, DO

    Eric Beck, DO, former medical director for the Chicago Fire Department, is associate chief medical officer for Envision Health, helping develop strategies for implementing MIHPs.

  • Jerry Malone

    Jerry Malone is alliances director at Infor.

  • Kurt Steward, PhD

    Kurt Steward, PhD, is director of Public Safety and Health & Human Services Practices at Infor and formerly served as the CFO of the Dallas Fire Department.

  • Scott Shappell, PhD

    Shappell is the chair of the Department of Human Factors and Systems at Embry-Riddle University in Florida. Recognized worldwide for his work as a neuropsychologist, he has published/presented more than 200 papers, books and presentations on accident investigation, system safety, behavioral stressors, sustained operations and fatigue. Shappell formerly served as Human Factors Branch Chief at the U.S. Naval Safety Center and as a human factors accident investigation consultant for the Joint Service Safety Chiefs, representing all branches of the military. He also served as the Human Factors Research Branch Manager at the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute of the Federal Aviation Administration in Oklahoma City.

  • Alex Garza, MD, MPH

    Alexander Garza, MD, MPH is the former Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs and Chief Medical Officer for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Currently Dr. Garza serves as medical director and Homeland Security advisor for FirstWatch.

  • Matt Zavadsky

    Matt Zavadsky is director of public affairs at MedStar Mobile Healthcare in Forth Worth, Texas, an early adopter of the MIHP concept.

  • Christine Zalar

    Christine Zalar is a founding partner at Fitch & Associates and has played a pivotal role aligning EMS with broader healthcare priorities nationwide.

  • Michael Ward

    Michael Ward is a consultant for Fitch & Associates.

  • Matt Streger, JD

    Matt Streger, JD, is a senior associate with Fitch & Associates. His current assignment for the firm is serving as executive director of the EMS program at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Jersey.  Streger is an experienced EMS/healthcare attorney and executive.

  • Todd Stout

    Todd Stout is CEO of FirstWatch Solutions and a leader in data analytics and innovation.

  • Ed Racht, MD

    Ed Racht, MD, is chief medical officer for American Medical Response and Envision Health.

  • Anthony Minge, MBA

    Anthony Minge is a partner with Fitch & Associates and serves as director of the MedServ Patient Accounts Group.

  • Skip Kirkwood, JD

    Skip Kirkwood, JD, is EMS chief of the Durham County (North Carolina) EMS system and immediate past president of the National EMS Management Association.

  • Rick Keller

    Rick Keller is a founding partner at Fitch & Associates and is considered a leading expert on EMS reimbursement.

  • Thomas Judge

    Thomas Judge is the executive director of LifeFlight of Maine and president of ACCT.

  • Troy Hagen, MBA

    Troy Hagen, CEO of Care Ambulance (Falck) in Southern California, is president of the National EMS Management Association.

  • Michael Greene, MBA

    Michael Greene, MBA, is a partner with Fitch & Associates and serves as the firm’s Just Culture coordinator; he is also the author of the JEMS Salary Survey.

  • Dia Gainor, MPA

    Dia Gainor is executive director of the National Association of State EMS Officials.

  • Jay Fitch, PhD

    Jay Fitch, PhD, Pinnacle program chair, is founder and president of the emergency services consulting firm Fitch & Associates, now celebrating 30 years of service. As a consultant, educator and author he has inspired thousands of EMS leaders.

  • Alan Craig

    Alan Craig, who as deputy chief of Toronto EMS transformed an all-ALS system to a tiered model, brings nearly 36 years of experience. He is currently the vice president of clinical strategies at American Medical Response.

  • Jeff Beeson, DO

    Jeff Beeson, DO, is medical director for MedStar, Fort Worth, Texas.

  • Brenda Staffan

    Brenda Staffan is healthcare innovation project director for the Regional EMS Authority (REMSA) in Reno, Nev.

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