July 23 – 27, 2018


Pinnacle brings together a group of expert faculty to help you explore advanced business and operational practices, develop insight into the most important issues your organization faces, and understand emerging solutions to complex problems. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from and network with some of the nation’s top EMS leaders and innovators.


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  • AJ Heightman

    A.J. Heightman is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS).

  • Alison Goldstein

    Alison Goldstein is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the project lead of the Tri-County 911 Service Coordination Program in greater Portland, Oregon.

  • Andrew Rand

    Andrew Rand is the chair of the Peoria County Commission and CEO of a regional non-profit ambulance service.

  • Andrew Stevens, MD

    Andrew Stevens, MD, is the Associate Medical Director with Allina Health Emergency Medical Services in the Twin Cities area.

  • Angus Jameson, MD

    Angus Jameson, MD is the medical director at Pinellas County EMS in Florida and serves on NAEMT’s AMLS Committee.
  • Anthony Minge, EdD

    Anthony Minge, EdD, specializes in reimbursement and compliance as a partner at Fitch & Associates.

  • Bob Fuller

    Bob Fuller is a seasoned criminal investigator and a Senior Consultant with Fitch & Associates, LLC.

  • Brad Lee, MD

    Brad Lee, MD, JD, MBA, FCLM, is the Medical Director for Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA) in Reno, Nevada.

  • Brenda Staffan

    Brenda Staffan is healthcare innovation project director for the Regional EMS Authority (REMSA) CMS Innovation Grant in Reno, Nev.

  • Brian LaCroix

    Brian LaCroix is CEO of Allina Health EMS, a Minnesota hospital-based EMS system serving more than 100 communities.

  • Bruce Moeller, PhD

    Bruce Moeller, PhD, is a Fitch & Associates consultant and a retired fire chief and former county executive.

  • Catherine R. Counts

    Catherine R. Counts is a doctoral candidate in the department of Global Health Management and Policy at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

  • Charles Lick, MD

    Charles Lick, MD, is the Medical Director with Allina Health Emergency Medical Services in the Twin Cities area.

  • Charles Maymon

    Charles Maymon is the regional CEO of American Ambulance (Falck).

  • Chief Mike Myers

    Mike Myers is Fire Chief of Portland, Oregon, Fire & Rescue and former Chief in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Christine Zalar, MA

    Christine Zalar, MA, is a founding partner at Fitch & Associates.

  • Corinne Walser

    Corinne Walser is the Operations Manager for MEDIC in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • Daniel Patterson, PhD

    Daniel Patterson, PhD, is an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine whose research focuses on the safety of emergency care.

  • David Nelson, DMin

    David Nelson a consultant with Fitch & Associates, is widely known for his work creating and nurturing strong teams and developing excellent leaders.

  • David Page, MS

    David Page, MS, is the director of the UCLA Prehospital Care Research Forum and is a paramedic with Allina Health EMS in Minnesota.

  • David Paulison

    David Paulison is the former Fire Chief of Miami-Dade County. After 9/11, President George W. Bush named Chief Paulison U.S. Fire Administrator; following the response to Hurricane Katrina, he was appointed director of FEMA.

  • Dia Gainor, MPA

    Dia Gainor is executive director of the National Association of State EMS Officials.

  • Doug Hooten, MBA

    Doug Hooten, MBA, is the executive director of Fort Worth’s MedStar Mobile Healthcare, which is known for its innovative programs partnering with a diverse group of payors and healthcare stakeholders.

  • Doug Wolfberg, JD

    Doug Wolfberg, JD, is a partner at Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, a leading EMS law firm.

  • Ed Racht, MD

    Ed Racht, MD, is chief medical officer for American Medical Response and Envision Health.

  • Edmundo Calderon

    Edmundo Calderon is the Chief Internal Auditor for the El Paso Fire Department in Texas.

  • Facilitated by Chris Callsen with agency leaders

    Chris Callsen is Vice President of Optima Solutions, analytics division at Intermedix and a former EMS agency executive.

  • FBI Supervisory Special Agent Shaun O’Neill

    Shaun O’Neill is experienced in working high-profile criminal matters for the FBI, and currently supervises a squad of Agents and Analysts that investigates health care fraud, public corruption, civil rights and human trafficking.

  • Fionna Moore, MBE

    Fionna Moore, MBE, is the recently retired Chief Executive of the London Ambulance Service and a member of the JEMS International Editorial Board.

  • Fitch & Associates staff and clients

  • Frank Gresh, MS

    Frank Gresh, MS, is the Chief Information Officer of the Emergency Medical Services Authority, Tulsa/Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

  • Freddy K. Lippert, MD

    Freddy K. Lippert, MD, Associate Professor, FERC, is CEO of the Emergency Medical Services in Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Greg Friese, MS

    Greg Friese, MS, paramedic and educator, is the editor-in-chief of EMS1.

  • Guillermo Fuentes, MBA

    Guillermo Fuentes, MBA, is a partner with Fitch & Associates. He previously served as the chief administrative officer for the Region of Niagara (Canada) police agency and as associate director of the regional EMS system.

  • Jay Fitch, PhD

    Jay Fitch, PhD, Pinnacle program chair, is founder and president of the emergency services consulting firm Fitch & Associates. As a consultant, educator and author he has inspired thousands of EMS leaders.

  • Jeff Berend

    Jeff Berend is a partner at the RedFlash Group, a business development and communications consulting firm serving the healthcare and public safety markets.

  • Jeff Jarvis, MD

    Jeff Jarvis, MD, is the medical director of Williamson County EMS outside of Austin, Texas.

  • Jerry Overton

    Jerry Overton is Chair of the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch and a member of the JEMS International Editorial Board.

  • Jim Lanier, MPA

    Jim Lanier, MPA is the Technical Services Director for the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in Gainesville, Florida.

  • Jim Marshall, MA

    Jim Marshall, MA, is the executive director of the 911 Wellness Foundation and a leading expert on emergency responder stress.

  • Jon Krohmer, MD

    Jon Krohmer, MD, is the Director of the NHTSA Office of EMS in Washington, DC. He has previously worked as a local EMS director and in the U.S.Department of Homeland Security.
  • Jonathan Washko, MBA

    Jonathan Washko, MBA, Assistant Vice President of the Center of Emergency Medical Services at Northwell Health in New York.

  • Kevin Fairlie, JD

    Kevin Fairlie, JD, is a healthcare compliance attorney based in St. Louis, Missouri.

  • Krista Haugen

    Krista Haugen is the Director for the Survivors Network in Seattle, Washington.

  • Lee Varner, MS

    Lee Varner, MS is the EMS program manager for the Center for Patient Safety, a national organization focused on creating a culture of safety in EMS organizations.

  • Martha Hayward

    Martha Hayward is the Lead for Public and Patient Engagement at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

  • Matt Zavadsky

    Matt Zavadsky, MS-HAS, is the president-elect of NAEMT and Director of Public Affairs at MedStar Mobile Healthcare in Forth Worth, Texas.

  • Matthew Streger, JD

    Matt Streger, JD, is a partner at Keavney and Streger and an experienced EMS and healthcare attorney.

  • Michael Gerber, MPH

    Michael Gerber, MPH, an associate consultant with the RedFlash Group, served as quality improvement officer for the Alexandria, Virginia, Fire Department.

  • Michael Touchstone

    Michael Touchstone is the Philadelphia Fire Department’s paramedic chief and is president-elect of the National EMS Management Association. Touchstone recently completed a master’s degree in Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School.

  • Mike Taigman, MA

    Mike Taigman, an expert in quality improvement, is the Improvement Guide at FirstWatch, a data analytics software company.

  • Paul Bollinger, MPH

    Paul Bollinger, MPH is the Senior Project Manager for Health Share of Oregon.

  • Ray Barishansky, MPH

    Ray Barishansky, MPH, is Deputy Secretary for Health Planning and Assessment at the Pennsylvania Department of Health and a member of the EMS World Editorial Advisory Board.

  • Richard Zuschlag

    Richard Zuschlag is the CEO of Acadian Ambulance and the recipient of the 2016 Pinnacle Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • Rick Hunt, MD

    Rick Hunt, MD, is the senior medical advisor, national healthcare preparedness programs for the Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • Rob Lawrence

    Rob Lawrence is the Chief Operating Officer of Richmond Ambulance Authority.

  • Roxanne Shanks, MBA

    Roxanne Shanks, MBA, currently serves as the CEO of an innovative air medical program and Executive Director of the Association of Critical Care Transport.

  • Scott Bourn, PhD

    Scott Bourn, PhD, is the Vice President of Clinical Practice for Evolution Health. He has more than three decades of experience in quality improvement in EMS, and is nationally recognized for his leadership.

  • Skip Kirkwood, JD

    Skip Kirkwood, JD, is Director of Durham County EMS in North Carolina and is a former president of NEMSMA.

  • Steve Knight, PhD

    Steve Knight, PhD, is a Fitch & Associates consultant and served as assistant chief of the St. Petersburg Fire Department.

  • Steve Murphy

    Steve Murphy is a senior executive with experience integrating health-related businesses, including EMS, in value-based delivery models.

  • Steve Wirth, JD

    Steve Wirth, JD, is a partner at Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, a leading EMS law firm.

  • Susan Long

    Susan Long is the director of clinical services at Allina Health EMS and oversees quality and safety functions.
  • Thomas Judge

    Thomas Judge, a practicing paramedic, serves as the Executive Director of LifeFlight of Maine. With an extensive background in pre-hospital emergency medical services and air medicine he has served in both the public and non-government sectors.

  • Todd Sheridan

    Todd Sheridan is an Operations Director of a major EMS system in New Jersey.

  • Todd Stout

    Todd Stout is CEO of FirstWatch Solutions and a leader in data analytics and innovation. Stout received the Pinnacle EMS Leadership Award in 2014.

  • Tom Little

    Tom Little is a senior associate at Fitch & Associates.

  • Troy Hagen, MBA

    Troy Hagen, CEO of Care Ambulance (Falck) in Southern California, is president of the National EMS Management Association.

  • Vince Robbins

    Vince Robbins is president and CEO of MONOC, a New Jersey hospital-based ambulance service and president-elect of NEMSMA.

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